BIO21 one of specialists CHITOSAN manufacturer


    High-Quality CHITOSAN

    We are one of the specialists manufacturing CHITOSAN, CHITOSAN variances for any applications, dietary / medical device CHITOSAN L112 BIOPOLYMER and CHITOSAN spec L112 , which all our products come from chemistry technology, biotechnology knowledge including research & development, an experienced in manufacturing industrial scale of production with the quality control system QMS standard.

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  • L112 Absorbital

    A natural fiber fats binding, main ingredient is L112 BIOPOLYMER, a natural source and clinically proven to help you lose or maintain weight when used in conjunction with a sensible diet and healthy lifestyle. The naturally sourced fiber that L112 ABSORBITAL contains, binding fats from that consumed, it is not digestible and excreted naturally

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  • CHITOSAN spec L112

    Enhance CHITOSAN derivative for dietary supplement (N-acetyl Glucosamine and D-Glucosamine, L112 specification). A non-digestible polysaccharide derived from the deacetylation (removal of the carbonyl and methyl group) of CHITIN. It is a refined β 1 → 4 linked co-polymers of N-acetyl Glucosamine and D-glucosamine. The product is a soft yellow powder with a mild fish taste and aroma; and is easy to encapsulate / tableting. And the important properties are fat Triglyceride binding more than 1000 g/g (our standard test method STM-1510) and bulk density more than 0.55 gram per cc

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BIO21 company limited in Thailand

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     is One of Specialists Manufacturing CHITOSAN variences as a raw material for any applications, dietary / medical device "CHITOSAN spec l112",  a semi-finished of dietary/medical device "CHITOSAN L112 BIOPOLYMER", which all of CHITOSAN products from the knowledge of chemistry technology and biotechnology including research & development and the experienced industrial production scale with the quality control system QMS standard.


     We are CHITOSAN manufactuer and exporter since 2005 , our well know CHITOSAN products are CHITOSAN L112 BIOPOLYMER and CHITOSAN spec L112, we have been exporting to USA, EU, JAPAN and ASIAN.


Discover CHITOSAN and PRODUCTS from fish scale in a superior form


As raw materials for any application

CHITOSAN spec L112

For food application / dietary supplement / medical device application


The semi-finished product medical device / dietary supplement

L112 Absorbital

The dietary supplement finished product

Fish scale OSSEIN

Fish scale OSSEIN

We have been studying PRODUCTS from fish scale, they are OSSEIN,COLLAGEN and Tricalcium Phosphate



Chemical Biotechnology


     BIO21 We are pleased to be your sponsor and advisor in the Agricultural Industry. From the knowledge base of chemistry Biotechnology In product supervision and system problems That will bring you better productivity It relies on understanding and practice in producing accurate and safe products.


We are ready to give advice on how to use the product.


We have a model farm and an example management system.

System management

From the knowledge base of chemistry Biotechnology From scientific research With production experience

QMS quality system standards

Management system standards for production and delivery of products Service that satisfies customers

Research and development

We are still doing research in chemistry. Biotechnology To improve efficiency even further

Export production base

It is a production base for leading companies from America, Europe and Japan to use as raw materials in their factories.


Production plant at Samut Sakhon, Thailand to be a production base for marketing-sales and a new factory in Indonesia