High Quality CHITOSAN products by specialist manufacturer


discover CHITOSAN products from a manufacturing specialist

With superior quality products, QMS Quality Management System in production line. Knowledge development in science and research. Experienced in industrial production and commercial since 2005 including with an exporting standard quality from us.

We are one of specialists manufacturing CHITOSAN, our productions CHITOSAN  categories are following;

(i) CHITOSAN products variances by %DD: MW/Viscosity: Sources (Beta and Alpha type).

(ii) CHITOSAN as a raw material for any applications

(iii) CHITOSAN for food application

(iv) CHITOSAN for industrial application;

- High molecular weight CHITOSAN / High viscosity CHITOSAN

- Low molecular weight CHITOSAN / low viscosity CHITOSAN

(v) CHITOSAN for medical device application; CHITOSAN spec L112

(vi) CHITOSAN for agriculture;

our CHITOSAN applications;

(i) L112 BIOPOLYMER; CHITOSAN spec L112 blended with additional proprietary ingredients; a medical device CHITOSAN semi-finished product. L112 BIOPOLYMER is a soft yellow powder with a mild fish taste and aroma; and is easy to encapsulate / tableting. And the important property is fat Triglyceride binding more than 1000 g/g (our standard test method STM-1510)

(ii) L112 ABSORBITAL; dietary supplement finished product for consume; reduce LDL cholesterol levels and reduce triglycerides fat