BIO21 one of Specialists Manufacturing CHITOSAN

ASH  :  less than 1% , Moisture  content : less than 15 %, pH.  : 6-8

Source: saltwater fish scale  (sea bass) and Tilapia fish scale

packing size: 10,20,200 KG   

20ft , 40ft container: 6-8 MT , 14-16 MT 

From all kind of saltwater fishes scale and Tilapia fish scale

Fish scale OSSEIN processing as the professional

We are professional in Ossein's raw material preparation and management, quality and quantity of  Ossein, due to we are long term of get involved in manufacturing CHITIN since 2004. The Ossein process similar like CHITIN process.

Our goals of fish scale OSSEIN product

We are going to be a Collagen manufacturer with in a few years from 2018. We have intention to produce a good quality Ossein. Our main purposes in production  a good quality fish scale Ossein for;

  • our final product COLLAGEN

  • by-product  Tricalcium Phosphate

  • support to any COLLAGEN manufacturers that need a good quality of  fish scale OSSEIN for a raw material.