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Abelin J, Lassus A: L112 biopolymer-fat binder as a weight reducer in patients with moderate obesity. ARS Medicina Helsinki-Stockholm, 1994.

          Abstract: Overweight,including increased levels of blood lipids, is a scourge of the people in the industrial world. There is no doubt that overweight, in combination with smoking habits, nonexistent, or minimal physical activity and wrong dietary food stongly contributes to the increasing morbidity of the cardiovascular diseases and to the cardiovascular mortality in the western world. Any atoxic substances with a capacity of lowering the serum lipids together with an additional weight reducing capacity would, logically, be worthwhile to test clinically. The fiber which constitutes a main part of the exoskeleton, the hard shell, of crustaceans among other shell animals is a degradable product, L-112 Biopolymer, and has properties which has been used since long in the food processing industries. L-112 Biopolymer is a modified form of this naturally occurring substance, and it has no observed toxicity. The L-112 Biopolymer-Fat Binder used in this study is an electrostatically charged form of the indigestible fiber. This form is found by Norwegian scientists and patented in the USA. It has been shown to have strong fat binding properties in vitro as well as in vivo. Primary binding occurs through ionic bonds between the positively charged amino groups of L-112 Biopolymer and negatively charged carboxylic groups of free fatty acids and bile acids. The secondary binding can be of a hydrophobic nature and includes neutral lipids such as triglycerides, cholesterol and other dietary sterols. Laboratory tests show L-112 Biopolymer, in its lipid binding capacity, to be better than cholestyramine, but somewhat less in its ability to bind bile acids, although it has none of its toxic effects. Previous clinical trials in Norway, showed an excellent reducing efficacy of the serum cholesterol and the serum triglyceride levels in blood, while the HDL fraction of cholesterol increased

Fat binder: a study of safety in obese patients. Rossner S, Abelin J: MATS Medical AB, Stockholm, Sweden, 1995.

       Abstract: L112 Biopolymer (L112 Fat Blocker) is an investigational drug extracted from shellfish. L112 Biopolymer has unique properities in its ability of binding fat from the food in the stomach and in the intestines. This leads to a correction and normalization of the LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. The HDL-cholesterol level in the blood increases. The fat sucked out of the food and remains in the digestional canal. Thus the blood takes up less fat which leads to less fat deposits in the body. The body absorbs fewer calories from the fat and the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood are reduced, all in one natural process. L112 Fat Blocker is made of a special fibre-like substance derived from the shells of shrimps, crabs and ohter shellfishes. After chemical extraction the substances has got electrostatic properties and has unique fat binding properties. It has been tested by a Norwegian research laboratory. When given orally together with the food it immediately disperse into tiny particles.These have great affinity to fat and starts binding themselves to fat particles in the stomach and upper intestines. With increasing pH in the lower intestines the binding occurs probably through precipitation and the body cannot any longer absorb the fat through the intestinal wall or dispense the into the blood stream. The substances has been tested in clinical trials and shows a remarkable effect in reducing total cholesterol while allowing the HDL-cholesterol to increase. In one randomized double-blind study with placebo-control the weight reduction was 2.5 times better than diet alone. A preliminary review on L112 Biopolymer has been published elsewhere. When fat contents in the bowel increases, it makes the feces soft and smooth. This may be particularly positive for those who suffer from obstipation. In this unicentre trial the fat content in feces and laboratory parameters, during treatment with L112 twice daily, will be investigated.

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